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What size is the banner?

The standard team banner size is 3’ x 5’ for all team banners.

What is the banner made out of?

All of our banners are printed on heavy duty, 13 oz, nylon reinforced vinyl banner material and printed with durable, extra vivid ink colors.   We sew the banners with a double-stitch hem and use brass grommets.  Soccer banners are also hemmed with the traditional, double-stitch hem method and include a pole pocket on top with brass grommets in the four corners.

How much are the standard team banners?

The standard team banner, which is 3’ x 5’, is $97.  Customers in California will pay sales tax and shipping applies if you are not picking the banner up at our Riverside, CA location.

How much is shipping?

Flat rate, ground shipping is $14 and Express Production $25.

Can I order a banner over the phone or fax or do I have to order online?

For 99% of orders, they come through the order form on the website but if you have a special request, you can give us a call and ask.  We once did a banner for a lady on a military base in Japan and had to work around standard protocol to make it happen so it is possible but, for most cases, it goes through the website.

I don’t have all the info yet, can I still order?

Yes, you can, and you should!  On peak weeks we can fill up fast so it’s best to lock in your position for a certain time frame.  Fill out the form with what info you do have, do the payment, and then we’ll get you in the schedule and you can email us later with any final bits of info.

How do I order a banner?

Click on the gallery you want to visit for whichever sport you are ordering for and click around the samples until you find something you like.  Click on the image of the banner you like and it will take you a page showing an enlarged picture of the banner and the order form.  Fill out the form and click submit, then complete the payment page and you’re done.  If you have any questions while ordering your banner, don’t hesitate to call us.

How do I know what the banner looks like, do I get a proof?

Absolutely!  We don’t print anything without an OK from the customer.  After you place your order, we always send a proof so you can make final adjustments if needed. Generally, about 90% of banner layouts are Ok 'd on the first proof. The other 10% needed a few changes but the processes is quick and easy.

How long does it take to get the banner?

Our standard answer to this question is... “You tell us when you need it, and we’ll get it done.”  This means that if it is at all possible, we will do your banner according to when you need it until our schedule is full.  We organize our schedule like an ER unit and try to help those who need the banner the quickest, first, and those ordering 2 weeks in advance, we schedule for later so we are able to help as many as possible during the season.

When do you send the proof?

It depends when your banner is due.  If your order is on a tight schedule, we may send it that day you ordered.  If you order a banner on a Tues/Wed. and are 10 days before you need it, you’ll probably get the proof that coming up weekend.  As we said in the “how long does it take...” area, we try to fill the schedule based on who needs what the fastest.  Doing it this way allows help more people get a banner when they need it.

What information should go on my banner?

Anything you like and/or anything the league says you should have.  Keep in mind, different leagues may require different info and some leagues don’t like numbers on the banner.  Be sure to check with your organizations team banner requirements for what to include on your banner.

I don’t see our team name, what do I do?

Generally, the best thing to do is leave it up to us.  We’ve been doing this for 25 years and seem to be doing OK so far.  But, if you have something in mind or, saw a banner you liked in the gallery and want your banner to have a similar feel, just let us know and then we’ll keep that in mind when doing the layout.

I don’t see a banner I like, do you have anything else available?

YES!  Literally, we have tens of thousands of graphics to choose from and various elements of the samples in the gallery can be mixed and matched to come up with an entirely new design.  Millions of possibilities!

Can we add photos to our team banner?

Yes, this is no problem to do.  You can add a team photo, including the entire background of the original photo, to any banner and there is no extra charge.  If you would like the team “cut out” of the existing background, this is usually $99 additional.  If you would like individual pictures of each team player on the banner, you would need to contact the team banner project manager and ask.

Can I design my own banner and then send it to you for printing?

Yes, no problem.  For details on this, email the team banner project manager directly and tell her what you have in mind and she’ll let you know the next step in the process.  

How can I pay for my banner?

Most people with a major credit card online when ordering the banner but you can also come and see us at the shop and pay in person with credit card, check or cash.  If you would like to do that, our shop is located at 3770 Van Buren Blvd., Riverside, CA 92503.

How do I hang my banner?

All team banners come with 4 ball bungees to assist with hanging.  Soccer banners usually require a PVC stand not included with the banner.  See below for a link to our video on making an Easy Soccer Banner Stand.

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